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North Carolina Living: Edit

Welcome to the Jungle...well not exactly:Edit

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The picture to the right was taken on a hike in North Carolina town called Black Mountain and it's overlooking the Appalachian Mountains during the summer time.

It depicts how beautiful the western part of North Carolina can be during the summer months. In just a few months to come, this scenery changes from the lush green to a fall array of colors supplied by Mother Nature herself. It is a beautiful phenomenon called the changing of the leaves that one must see in order to fully appreciate it.

Southern Hospitality:Edit


This terminology is used to describe how those that live in the southern part of the United States treat each other and those that visit the south. It is supposed to reflect a temperament of the southern people that is welcoming, nice, and well mannered. For the most part, it is true of the locals but some visitors and recent residence feel that it could just be a facade because of the racial tensions that tend to still divide the South’s communities and plague the area. Visitors or people that have recently moved here may still here undertones and slurs that are still widely used throughout the south.

Those of us that are from here know that we open doors for folks, say hello and goodbye, give thanks to those whom do things for us but to some outsiders, these gestures are not a norm in their society and may look at them as being inauthentic. Folks from different parts of the world have considered the so-called southern generosity a controlling type attitude. They feel that some of the offerings of more food, longer stays or relentless questions of comfort can be a little overbearing. To us that are from here though, it just a way of giving and making sure our guest are comfortable.

Foods in the South:Below is a quick list of foods, delicacies, drinks and down right good eats you can find here in the South. Please add items as you see fit:Edit


Sweet Tea

Fried Catfish

Collard & Mustard Greens


Fried Chicken

Corn Bread

Pulled Pork BBQ (vinegar based of course)

Chicken Livers

Pimento Cheese Sandwiches

Pork Rinds


Homemade Wine and Moonshine